“It is rare that my husband is speechless but yesterday whilst looking through our photos for the first time, he was. Browsing through them together we found ourselves reliving the day again and your stunning photos captured the affect of the day like I didn’t know was possible. These are not simply photographs they are our story, our memories and our history, thank you. There were some images which made me shed a tear, particularly the ones of our parents and grandmas. These photos are the best gift we could have been gifted with and we will treasure them forever.”

Alana and Ali, married at Claridge’s, 2019

“I have an incredible determination to tell your story, fuelled by a genuine passion for capturing moments that pass in the blink of an eye, moments that show the depth of emotion in a special relationship. When being fortunate enough to photograph a wedding, I place myself in your position, and try to capture the images I would cherish if that were my own loved one embracing me. It is not uncommon for me to shed a tear during a wedding ceremony, or to stay up all night after a wedding as the emotions and adrenaline stay with me.

It is a very special privilege to be in such close proximity to powerful moments and deep emotions, and I am forever grateful to those who place their trust in me to do what I love to do. I do not limit the time I spend photographing on a wedding day, being a firm believer that your entire story deserves to be told. Not just up until the First Dance, not just to capture enough of the party to show that in your album, but every moment… from beginning to end.

Alongside my team of photographers, we strive to beautifully capture every aspect of your story, even those moments you did not see on the day. Your photographs should be full of detail, full of energy, and full of emotion. Most importantly, they should be ‘you’, perfectly representing you as a couple and encouraging you to be your true selves on camera.

After your wedding, you’ll receive a set of individually edited preview images very soon afterwards, in fact I have been known to deliver these through the night so that when the newlyweds wake up the next morning they already have an incredible set of images in their inbox. Our team will shoot a minimum of 10,000 images on your wedding day, which I then personally go through one-by-one, assessing each individual photograph and deciding whether it makes the final selection. By the end of the selection process, even if I have chosen over 1000 images, I will then individually edit every single one of those photographs before you receive them. They are your memories, immortalised through my work which I am deeply proud of.”


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