‘Human’ is the name given to Blake Ezra sharing deeply personal stories from his career and his life outside of photography.

It is not a photography lecture, it’s about people, relationships and morality. Having opened at JW3 in front of a sold-out auditorium in January 2020, it received rave reviews from audience members of all ages and backgrounds. Whilst dates for the next performances are yet to be released, some reviews can be found here… 

“We’ve had Oscar Winners and world leaders on this stage. Nobody gets more than an hour. Blake Ezra has just had a packed auditorium hanging off his every word for two hours.” RS

“Speechless, you could hear a pin drop. It was captivating, interesting and inspiring. As talented with words as he is with photographs.” JW

“If I sound like I’m gushing, I am. What we sat through was a gift, one of the best performances I’ve ever been to! It was like listening to an audio-book but with the added excitement of having the most incredible images which evoked both laughter and tears.” SG

“Blake made me cry more than once.” JE

“I am lost for words. Blown away. Completely blown away. What really hit me was how he sees and connects with people. How he can not merely empathise with their situation but almost live their situation.” AM

“WOW. Every word. Every shot. Blake had the whole room hanging on every word. Just wonderful.” TC

“Thank you for the most amazing, mind-blowing, fascinating tour-de-force. I had no idea that you are not only a brilliant photographer but can hold an audience with your story. We would not have noticed if you’d have spoken on and on. It was fabulous.” EH

“A rollercoaster of emotions. It was honest, interesting, emotional, funny and sad all rolled into one.” SC

“I have no words. I just sat for two hours whilst 250 people were spellbound, hanging off Blake’s every word. Thank you for teaching me so much about what it means to be human.” HC

“Human is more than a talk. It is a book, unquestionably a book. Blake is a master story-teller, a leader.” TG

“He bared his soul, giving us a unique insight into his philosophy, life, values, inspirations and career. We got to glimpse the world through his eyes and his lens, and it was beautiful.” RH

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