“There are times in our lives when we experience everything that ever was, and everything that ever will be, in a single moment. We may not even get a chance to see it or feel it until it’s gone. We want Blake Ezra near us when these moments happen, because we know he can give us a moment of eternity.” Rabbi Joseph Dweck

Press Biog:

Having photographed the Royal Family, six UK Prime Ministers, private events for Hollywood ‘A Listers’ and State Banquets in Royal Palaces, Blake Ezra is firmly established with a stellar reputation. His photographs hang on the walls of private homes and in the offices of world leaders.

However, he is more than a photographer.

With a degree in Middle Eastern Studies, Blake is a published writer who has been invited to address students at Cambridge University. Before photography, Blake had a distinguished career in youth work and was presented to Her Majesty the Queen at St. James’ Palace in recognition of his contribution to community causes.

Despite being self-taught, Blake has developed a complete syllabus of photography workshops for all ages, educating budding photographers with a unique blend of informal education, passionately teaching others the practicalities of photography through his many years of varied experiences. 

His one man show, ‘Human’, in which he recounts memorable moments from his career and personal life, opened in January 2020 to a sold-out auditorium and widespread acclaim.

Blake’s photography career began in editorial features, being on the front line of breaking news; his images published on front pages worldwide. As a besotted father of three boys, Blake believes that empathy is an essential trait for a photographer of special moments, channeling the feelings of those around him to produce stunning, emotive images.

A personal introduction:

“Thank you so much for visiting this website, which features a collection of my favourite images, created over the last 15 years across so many different types of assignments.

I feel utterly privileged to have amassed so many incredible experiences with a camera in my hand, from being present in Cabinet Meetings in 10 Downing Street to spending the night in a swingers’ club for a national newspaper, from getting stuck in a lift with Boris Johnson to herding sheep in the remote Jordanian countryside and, most poignantly, being invited to document so many moments of love and emotion during special events.

Who I am as a photographer is completely intertwined with who I am as a person. My outlook and approach has evolved alongside my life ‘outside’ of photography.

When I taught vulnerable teens as a professional youth worker, I gained knowledge about how to bring the best out of young people. When I stood under a Chuppah to be married, I suddenly developed greater understanding of what it means to the couples I photograph as they go through that journey. When I became a parent, I was hit with a tidal wave of love that I had never experienced before and suddenly photographs of parents with their children took on a whole new feeling. As my children grow up, I harness my love for them within my photography for others, placing myself into the position of my clients and doing everything possible to create images for them that I would cherish. 

Despite the incredible jaw-dropping venues I find myself in, the luxury establishments who have me as a preferred photographer, and the grandeur that surrounds so much of what I do nowadays, I am all about the emotion. About human connections. About freezing a moment in time so it can touch the hearts of those in it forever. I love photography, but my real passion is for people, for life, and for significant moments. My role goes beyond photography, with many clients telling me I was hugely supportive in their planning, or that I helped to keep everybody calm on the day. My enthusiasm is not for focal lengths or shutter speeds, it goes much deeper than the mechanics of a camera or the quality of a light source. I often find myself feeling very emotional at the events I photograph, and emotional connection allows creatives to portray a moment as they feel it, not necessarily as they see it.

I feel blessed that so many incredible people have trusted me to giving them a moment of eternity.” 

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