A photographer can use all manner of words and phrases to describe themselves or their approach, but what is even more telling is when clients from over the years take the time to write kind words like the ones below, outlining not only how they feel about their photographs but about the experience too…


“Blake Ezra can give us a moment of eternity.”

“Blake Ezra does not simply capture moments, he miraculously captures the eternal elements that we cherish. In his photographs, the intangible, immeasurable aspects of life like love, joy, poignancy and energy all come through in full force. Blake Ezra in an artist in the truest sense of the word, not only a master of his craft, but he respects and engages in it with the utmost honour and integrity. There are times in our lives when we experience everything that ever was, and everything that ever will be, in a single moment. We may not even get a chance to see it or feel it until it’s gone. We want Blake Ezra near us when these moments happen, because we know he can give us a moment of eternity.” 

Rabbi Joseph Dweck, father of Isaac, Bar Mitzvah at Lauderdale Road Synagogue, 2015

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“Words are not enough to thank you.”

“Wow wow wow, thank you so much for the insane photos! They are incredible. You are so talented and wonderful to work with, and I am completely reliving the weekend looking at them. Words are not enough to thank you for everything that you have done for my family and I over the B’nai Mitzvah! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All my love and thanks!” 

Natalie Cesman, mother of Julia and Daniel, B’nai Mitzvah at The Roundhouse, 2020

“When you see a Blake Ezra photograph you know instantly that it’s a Blake Ezra photograph.”

When you see a Blake Ezra photograph you know instantly that it’s a Blake Ezra photograph. Not just because they are always incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE, but they seem to carry a unique artistic trademark that captures a combination of colours (that you didn’t even know existed) and emotion that will bring your senses alive – taking you right back to that moment as if you are re-living it all over again. One glimpse and you can feel the atmosphere, smell the essence and taste the excitement of the moment. When you go all out to make something really special for someone you love, when its all over all you have are the memories. With Blake Ezra you can be sure those memories are not only a different level but have another dimension that leave you warm inside and smiling forever… and we do every day!” 

Emma and Laurence Back, parents of Gypsy, Bat Mitzvah at Home, 2018

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“Blake Ezra is simply the best in the business. He never disappoints.”

“We have worked with Blake Ezra on numerous occasions because he’s simply the best in the business. Totally on top of his game, Blake can capture the moment better than anyone. He’s charming and easy-going, and a true professional. Blake Ezra never disappoints. In the age of cheap photography, there’s a huge quality difference between Blake and the rest which is worth every penny. I cannot recommend him enough.” 

Natalie and Lewis Chester, parents of Anoushka, Bat Mitzvah 2017 and Raphy, Bar Mitzvah in 2020

“You are just incredible!”

“Completely stunning! You are just incredible! Thank you so much. I will shout your name from the rooftops as the very best photographer and most fabulous person to be around.” 

Victoria Shulman, mother of Emily, Bat Mitzvah at Claridge’s, 2016

“Blake is a genius and a special soul.”

“Blake is a genius and a special soul, our photographs simply took my breath away. From our first meeting I knew there was nobody else I would trust to capture this special time for our family.” 

Mandy Namdar, mother of Noah, Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem, 2018

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“It’s very rare in life to meet someone who’s exceptional at their job and also happens to be a genuinely lovely person. Until you meet Blake Ezra. He is the consummate professional. His photographs are nothing short of spectacular. Blake captured every moment of our daughter, Gabriella’s Bat Mitzvah with grace, glamour, insight and perspective. He is disarming, thoughtful, calm and considered. From Gabriella’s pre-party shoot and Shul practice, through to the actual party, Blake just seemed to get those perfect shots.  As time passes and our memories begin to fade, it will be those magical photos which take us back to such a special time.”

Kate Hilton, mother of Gabriella, Bat Mitzvah at Corinthia, 2020

“I will never be able to thank you enough.”

“Three years before my son’s Bar Mitzvah, Blake Ezra was the first thing to be booked, even before we had a venue! Blake, I don’t think you will ever fully understand how much joy and happiness you bring to people. We constantly look back at the pictures and you have captured so many incredible moments for us. Just incredible, I will never be able to thank you enough.” 

Adam Phillips, Director of Uptown Events, father of Sami, Bar Mitzvah at The Grove, 2019

“Blake I just wanted to say thank you so much, you’re a living legend. So grateful you were able to capture these incredible moments I can’t appreciate what you have done for us enough. It’s truly incredible, each and every picture is golden. Thank you.”

Sami, Bar Mitzvah Boy 

“Thank you for making my daughter feel so wonderful.”

“My daughter looked through our photographs and could not stop exclaiming ‘I love how I look’. As a mother of a daughter, I could not ask for anything more than to hear those words! Thank you for making her feel so wonderful.” 

Eileen Levy, mother of Gabrielle, Bat Mitzvah at The Dorchester, 2016

“You really are an exceptional talent. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for these amazing photos, it’s incredible how you capture the essence of the day. You really are so gifted – these are just wonderful photos. I have no idea how you capture the moments like this but it’s incredibly special for us. Thank you for paying so much attention to all the little as well as the big details so we can relive it all! You really are an exceptional talent. Wonderful!” 

Vicky and Oliver, parents of Freddie, Bar Mitzvah at The Postal Museum, 2019

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“Blake’s kind nature was perfect to bring out the best in our son.”

“From the moment we met Blake we knew he was the one for us. His kind, laid-back gentle nature was perfect to bring out the best pictures of our son and to make us all feel relaxed. We were right. Our pictures are absolutely stunning, they literally are “works of art” and are now hanging on various walls of our home.  Thank you. Thank you for capturing our weekend in such a perfect way!” 

Emma Barnett, mother of Ben, Bar Mitzvah at One Marylebone, 2017

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“You are the best.”

“Blake is exceptionally talented and we have been lucky enough to have him and his team photograph numerous events for us. When it came to booking a photographer for our son’s Bar Mitzvah, Blake Ezra was always going to be the top of our list, in fact he was the only one ever on the list! Our photos are unreal, the family pictures we so desperately wanted are just perfect! Blake captured every moment just brilliantly and we have re-lived the whole night all over again! Thank you so much Blake – you are the best, you capture the atmosphere like nobody else.”

Lindsey and Bert Habib, parents of Tal, Bar Mitzvah at The Savoy, 2018

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“We were blown away.”

“Blake Ezra photographed our son’s Bar Mitzvah recently. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and made everything so calm and run smoothly. We were blown away with the pictures he produced for us, from the Pre Shoot in Soho where he worked with my son to produce something truly creative special and unique, to the rehearsal at ‘Shul’ and then the party. He captures all the special moments and the atmosphere perfectly. Blake you are a real talent. Thank You.” 

Emma Rubens, mother of Jamie, Bar Mitzvah in Radlett, 2019

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“Blake is a true ‘mensch’, and an ultra-talented one at that!”

“When planning any kind of family celebration, Blake Ezra is always the first name on our ‘team-sheet’, to ensure we have the best images and memories possible. His work is simply breathtaking. Blake has a great way with the kids, even the ones with big personalities, resulting in the best and most natural shots you can ask for. He captures all the magical moments and his calm demeanour makes him a joy to work with. Love and respect, Blake. You are a true ‘mensch’, and an ultra-talented one at that! He comes with our highest recommendation.” 

Danny and Donna Caro, parents of Ella, Bat Mitzvah 2015, and Jacob, Bar Mitzvah 2018

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