“As the varied content of this website shows, I am not solely a ‘corporate photographer’.

I believe in using my versatility to bring a fresh approach, giving corporate clients the level of creativity that I bring to other aspects of my work, whether that be using creative techniques to document the Amazon Distribution Centre, or an interesting composition as an alternative headshot for the management of the O2 Arena.

As companies transform and the modern workspace has become a hub of innovation, ‘corporate photography’ must follow suit, not in a way that is so abstract that meaning is lost, but in a way that the photography brief is fulfilled in a creative and exciting way.

Corporate clients say that I am a great communicator, somebody who can put others at ease in a very short period of time. This is massively beneficial when I’m given a short time for a new CEO headshot or portrait, for example. The people I photograph are busy and important, so it’s key that they can take minimal time out of their day in which we can achieve the best results in an enjoyable way.

Having been in charge of photo-calls with Royalty and Heads of State, I can be trusted to photograph top level executives in a professional, calm and relaxed manner.”

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